Hannah Garland is a Cincinnati based artist working towords a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati. Her work explores the female figure with an emphasis on body image, body dysmorphia, and mental health. Different experiences and personal research have provided her with ideas on how to express the way she feels about the Gen-Z generation, as it correlates with beauty standards and mental health. She believes that social media has negatively impacted the way women feel about their bodies, due to the absurd idealistic body image the media outputs. Garland creates work that deviates from the male gaze; by emphasizing areas of the body that are deemed un-beautiful, she believes will help fight the stigma of what beauty standards are today. The sexualizing and objectification women face daily motivates her to continue creating work that fights and creates awareness about this issue. Garland draws inspiration through different artists such as, Lisa Yuskavage, Jenny Saville, Judy Chicago and Cindy Sherman.

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